Miss Tallahassee, Emmabella Rudd

Miss Tallahassee, Emmabella Rudd, was in the studio with Cash & Casey this morning. Here are her own words:

I am so excited to announce that I will be representing the city of Tallahassee at Miss Florida USA👑

In living beyond my chronic illness, I’m ecstatic to continue to unapologetically fight for representation within our government nationwide and to highlight the systematic issues that has caused the American insulin crisis. In writing and working on legislation to end the high cost of insulin prices as a nineteen year old woman, I want to use storytelling and the Miss FL USA platform to empower others to catalyze social change in any space they occupy.

Truly, those living with chronic illnesses are capable of anything. I will fearlessly wear the devices that keep me alive on the Miss Florida USA stage this upcoming year.

In April 2021, I will be competing for the crown of Miss Florida USA. I cannot wait to share my journey and continue to grow through this experience.✨