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The basics. Bit by the radio bug during my college days at FSU. Love all genres of music (yes, really) as far back as I can remember. Grew up in South Florida…Seriously love the Sunshine State, and love Tally – so much so I moved back here years after I graduated from FSU. The beach calls to me but don’t go often enough. Like to say I enjoy kayaking and the great outdoors…but the most action my kayak has seen lately is me vacuuming off the dust! Getting into Zumba lately, and I have a fond appreciation for yoga. It seems like I have always been involved in Community Theater… both on and off stage. I also perform with Curious Echo Radio Theater. Nearly every item in my closet has a fair amount of black on it. Oh, and for your personal safety, don’t talk to me until I’ve had my first cup of coffee. Favorite holidays: Thanksgiving, 4thof July, and Halloween! It’s all about the fun, being grateful, and enjoying friends and family.

Some more stuff:

Movies:Too many…name one and I will tell you if I like it or not.

Food:Love, love, love, Sushi Sushi Sushi!!! Next time you’re out, try the roe with a quail egg on top. Give me a glass of wine, crusty bread, olive oil, and some cheese please.

TV: Chronic binge watcher. DVR, ROKU, NETFLIX are just a few of my digital friends. I still like the Blacklist, mostly because I am a big James Spader fan. SciFi is a fave genre and some of the Marvel and DC comic shows are hits at the household. Food Porn (love the cooking shows on PBS) is awesome, and, weirdly… the History Channel. Not too mention, fictional shows based on history…anyone watch The Man in the High Castle?

Books:  I finally entered the 21stcentury… I broke down and read from my kindle or iPad. All about Amazon First or whatever they call it now…not to mention e-books from the library. Guilty pleasure: trashy page-turner paperbacks. I need help reading self-help books. And don’t tell anyone…it’s kind of embarrassing, but I have an affinity for YA books. I am also in a book club. The last couple of times we got together we drank wine and went to the movies.

Sports: The NOLES. Need I say more?

Interaction with celebrities:I got Dale Earnhardt, Jr. to show me his underwear.

(Yes, while he was wearing them)

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