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Jimmy Bone was born in Okeechobee, Florida; about 30 miles south of Yeehaw Junction, or about 30 miles east of Port St. Lucie. His father was a preacher, so his family moved around the state of Florida a lot. Jimmy started his career in radio in 1986 after graduating with honors from the Radio Broadcast Institute in Jacksonville, Florida. He began working with this group of stations in Tallahassee in 2003 and is very grateful to be here with such an amazing team! Currently, Jimmy serves as the Production Director for the group as well as an on-air personality for 103-1 the Wolf. Prior to working here, he had the cool experience of being the booth announcer for the Florida Lottery – His voice was broadcast via satellite across Florida announcing the winning numbers.


Away from the radio station, Jimmy spends his time with his other interests: plants, music, and the great outdoors. He has grown/cultivated an extensive carnivorous plant collection and is frequently invited to give lecture demonstrations on these amazing plants. Jimmy is also an avid drummer; he is currently playing with the Jerry Thigpen Trio. He has also been in some videos for Royal Amps. Of course, he makes time to be in the woods hunting and fishing every chance he gets!


While there have been MANY remarkable experiences in his career over the last 30 years; perhaps the most memorable was when an FSU student, who was returning to school after winter break stated she knew she was close to home when she “heard Jimmy Bone’s voice on the Wolf” Jimmy says, “when your voices says “home” to a student who has just left her parents behind…that’s touching”

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